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BNCC Fundraiser – The Carers Foundation

The Brisbane North Chamber of Commerce Ladies Long Lunch on Friday 24th March 2023 at Victoria Park was a huge success.

With the generous donations from businesses including Milk Hair, we raised just over $5000 in ticket sales to support The Carers Foundation Australia in the wonderful work they do for unpaid carers. 

Milk Hair was delighted to support the BNCC and the Carers Foundation with a $200 gift voucher which was won by Carly Taylor!

More about the Carers Foundation:

The Carers Foundation Australia provides unpaid Carers with unique wellness programs to support their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.  Hundreds of carers have attended their programs and found that they are better able to cope with their carer role when they return home. 

Their unique programs assist to avert health crisis breakdowns in carers resulting from compassion fatigue.  

The reality is that there are young children caring for their sick or disabled parent or siblings, of which the general public are totally unaware.

Even elderly Carers over 85 years old still care for their disabled or medically unwell children or partner, often experiencing injuries, and or abuse.

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