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Hair Colour Correction Brisbane at Milk Hair

At Milk Hair, we know that colour disasters often happen when you least expect them, but a colour mistake isn’t cause for concern, our team specialises in hair colour correction so you can rescue your locks and get them to the colour you’re after. 

We know how hard colour corrections can be and our team is committed to restoring your hair colour to its best without compromising on your hair health. 

About our hair colour correction services

Hair colour correction is a process that a fair few of us may have to deal with at one point in our lives and essentially it’s all about fixing your hair colour if there’s been a colour mishap. Whether you’ve got uneven colour, brassy tones or a complete colour mistake, our skilled stylists can help you get your hair looking its best again! 

Our team offers personalised consultations to develop a tailored plan to help correct your hair colour and help you get your dream results. 

How much does colour correction cost?

The cost of colour correction varies on a number of different factors like your hair type, the type of correction needed and the complexity of the service, During your consultation our stylists will look at the overall condition of your hair, chat about your desired outcome and then provide you with a quote and cost breakdown of your service. 

Why choose Milk Hair?

At Milk Hair we are the experts for colour correction Brisbane, our stylists are experienced hair colour and hair cut experts and are able to offer you a personalised service that helps you get your dream hair! We use only the most high-quality products so that you can be sure you are getting the best of the best when it comes to products. 

We prioritise your hair health and we work alongside you to get your hair back to beautiful, shiny, healthy hair!  

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