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How to Pick the Best Hair Colour for Your Skin Tone

Are you craving a brand new hair colour for Spring that perfectly complements your skin tone? 

The quest for your perfect hair colour can be a challenging one! With an array of different shades available and a new hair colour trending on social media just about every week, choosing the hair colour that’s going to suit you the best is an art form in itself. 

Luckily, our experienced team at Milk Hair – your go-to hair colour specialists and hair stylists in Brisbane – are here to guide you through the process of selecting a hair colour that will make you shine!

Understanding Your Skin Tone

Before you dive into the vibrant world of all the different hair colours out there, it’s crucial to understand your skin tone. Skin tone falls into two main categories: warm and cool. 

Warm skin tones have undertones of yellow, peach, and golden hues, while cool skin tones lean towards pink, red, and bluish undertones. Determining your skin’s undertone is the first step in narrowing down the perfect hair colour for you.

Hair Colours For Warm Skin Tones

For those with warm skin tones, earthy and warm hair colours are ideal. Shades like golden blonde, honey brown, and coppery red can enhance your natural warmth and radiance. If you’re feeling adventurous, consider trying highlights that are a few shades lighter than your base colour to add dimension and depth to your look.

Our team of experts at Milk Hair, the best hair colour specialists in Brisbane, can help you identify the perfect shade that complements your warm skin tone. Our experienced team knows how to strike the right balance between vibrant and natural, ensuring your hair colour choice enhances all your best features!

Hair Colours For Cool Skin Tones

Cool skin tones call for cooler hair colour choices. Shades like platinum blonde, ashy brown, and icy shades of blue or purple can pair beautifully with your skin’s undertones. Remember, the goal is to create a contrast that makes your features pop.

Our hair colour specialists at Milk Hair understand all the nuances of cool-toned hair colours. We can help guide you through the selection process, ensuring your chosen hair shade not only complements your skin tone but also aligns with your personal style and the unique look you’re wanting .

Hair Colours For Neutral Skin Tones

Neutral skin tones have the advantage of being versatile. Both warm and cool shades can work well with this balanced undertone so it really is the best of both worlds. From warm caramel highlights to cool burgundy accents, the world of hair colours really is your oyster. Consider your eye colour and your personal style when making your choice to achieve a look that’s uniquely you.

At Milk Hair, our team of hair stylists in Brisbane can collaborate with you to find a hair colour that matches your neutral skin tone while showcasing your individuality. Our team’s expertise extends beyond mere colour application; with every member on our team striving to create your signature look that will make sure you have your best hair day, everyday.

With the guidance of some of the best hair colourists in Brisbane, your journey to the perfect hair colour starts with a consultation. At MilkHair, consultations are an integral part of the process. Our experienced stylists take the time to understand your skin tone, lifestyle, and hair preferences. 

By discussing your goals and expectations, our stylists can ensure you walk out of the salon with your dream hair colour!

Maintaining Your Colour

Once you’ve achieved your dream hair colour, it’s important to keep it looking fresh, vibrant and healthy. The hair stylists at Milk Hair not only excel in colour application but also provide valuable advice on hair care and colour maintenance. 

Our team recommends using sulphate-free shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for colour-treated hair. Regular touch-ups and deep conditioning treatments can also go a long way in preserving the longevity of your chosen hair colour.

When it comes to hair colour, entrusting your locks to the best in the field is the most important step. With a team of experienced hair colour specialists and hair stylists in Brisbane, Milk Hair stands out as a beacon of expertise and some of the best in the biz. 

Our dedication to understanding your unique skin tone and style preferences ensures that you’ll leave the salon with a hair colour that not only complements your features and your skin tone, but also boosts your confidence!

Whether you’re looking for a subtle change or a bold transformation, the best hair colourists in Brisbane are ready to turn your hair colour dreams into reality.

Embark on your hair transformation journey with the team at Milk Hair today and experience the power of a perfectly chosen hair colour that brings out the best in you!

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